RainTrust AirSpace

"RainCopter" Drones & Satellite Imagery with NASA
Demonstrating the Smart Farmer agricultural spraying drones to HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand. The Thai government sees the wisdom of using our green-tech tools for spraying with organic ferilizer on the 30 million hectares of farmland in the country.

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RainTrust AirSpace

“RainTrust AirSpace,” utilizes the latest and greatest technology integrating our unprecedented NASA informed proprietary geo-spactial application with our sophisticated programable drones. Our distinctive application collects comprehensive mapping and data detailing our land reserves while concurrently, the visuals and certain data is provided to our “RainConnect”, interactive digital engagement platform. 2018 marks the global launch of our real time zoom-in to our customized, interactive, square meter “Living Grid” experience.

The RainTrust AirSpace mandate is to provide our RainTrust Sustainable Ventures scientific and academic team ongoing comprehensive mapping and also plantation spraying solutions on our land reserves. Our proprietary software provides multiple layers of data for evaluation and ongoing surveillance on every square meter of our forestry and agro-cultural assets.

We are leading the trend toward data-driven agriculture. We have capitalized on the many years of automation and other innovations designed to increase food production. Tractors autonomously plant seeds within a few centimeters of their target locations, and GPS-guided harvesters reap the crops with equal accuracy. Extensive wireless networks backhaul data on soil hydration and environmental factors to faraway servers for analysis. RainTrust AirSpace adds these capabilities to comprehensively assess the water content of soil, spot irrigation and pest problems as well as to evaluate the ongoing general sense of the state of the land assets.


Mapping and Monitoring

The “RainCopter” is our smart farmer work horse for comprehensive mapping and spraying.

Our long range “RainPlanes” are designed for difficult terrains and both remotely controlled by drones that fly predefined flight paths capturing geo-referenced photo/video imagery and 360 eye-level drop downs facilitating a connection to our “RainTrust Sustainability” group who validate each square meter area for ecosystem value.

The airborne cameras take multispectral imagesnot seen by the naked eye including the use of infrared in the visual spectrum. Our RainCopters can survey a crop every week, every day, or even every hour and will use time-series animation, that show changes in the crops conditions. 

RainTrust AirSpace has developed nano-technology organic fertilizer partnerships so we always have adequte supply and can always stay completely away from chemical pesticides.

Smart Planting with the "RainDrop" Drone

Working with agro-intelligence analytics, we are exploring precision planting and seeding equipped drones that can improve planting and survival rates. Scheduled for announcement in 2018, this high tech tree planting drone will efficiently provide an economic agro forestry initiative by increasing yields and accessing hard to get to areas to reduce traditional costs to plant on a large scale.

Aerial Fertilization, Organic Spraying Services

We utilize the RainCopter drone delivery system for distributing (spraying) only organic fertilizer. We can sabve up to 90% water, costs of to50% of tradtional spraying. We save time and labor.

It is used on plantations and agro-forestry projects to increase efficiency and reduce costs to farmers we work with. They are designed to fly at low altitude of several meters and spray organic fertilizer on all kinds of complex terrain, crops and plantations of varying heights. Precise and accurate crop spraying ensures the best coverage and application of fertilizer. We provide this service to community farmers at an estimated 60% saving from the cost of traditional spraying.