Zoom down on an area,

Personalize a land parcel,

Share with friends,

and support ecology & local people.

The RainConnect Social Engagement Platform

In 2018 we will launch an unprecedented, world’s first of its kind, interactive, social, fundraising and community engagement “platform”. We will tap into the multibillion internet user universe and will also cross market via live music and sports events produced globally that deliver millions of people annually. It is designed to support our selected land-based projects and will integrate the latest digital-marketing mediums across the web and mobile apps.
The platform combines the services of RainTrust AirSpace and our scientific team from RainTrust Sustainability. Our propriatary geo-spactial application is a real time zoom-in to our land reserves that uses the NASA viewer technology that provides the most comprehensive information and data to interatively visit our “Living Grid”.
RainConnect Zooms Down and connects to our images generated by our drones and geospatial technology.
We offer configurable area grids (e.g. square meter) as sponsorships, (individual reserves) each with a precise GPS location drawn from our inventory of land and related projects.

Personalize a Land Parcel & Share

Projects are depicted on a world map with each having its own interactive social media content and targeted to relevant interest groups and population segments. It takes just one click to sign-in, sponsor and personalize a land parcel with their profile picture, and, with just one more click, their support for the project will be shared with their entire network. In all cases, each sponsorship that is shared and “liked” becomes a dynamic bi-directional connection “followed” by their networks and local community members.

Our platform offers updated scientific data on each parcel that ranges from the weather of the day to the carbon and moisture content. The information is continually updated from NASA and potentially from all other available sources.
Corporate “partners” can administer and design interactive promotional, award, reward, co-sponsorship or other campaigns enabling CSR programs to drive and measure social peer-to-peer marketing by individual consumers as they personalize and share their participation.

 RainConnect is not only just a crowdfunding platform on steroids, it also gives people a meaningful experience and let them connect with their friends as well with the local communities they support.

Crowdfunding as a Market

Raising project finance as sponsorships units based on billions of square meter inventory is essentially crowdfunding. Financing via the crowdfunding vehicle has seen an unprecedented growth expanding in 2014 by 167% to reach $16.2 billion, up from $6.1 billion in 2013. The industry has raised more than double once again and reached to $34.4 billion, in 2015 and the World Bank hypothesizes that global crowdfunding could grow to $96 Billion by 2020.
Private equity investing represents a $426 billion market in the U.S. The data show average gross company returns above 18% IRRin both Private Equity and Venture Capital investments for companies receiving investments in the last three years.
The consistent growth in 2014 was due to a spike in crowdfunding projects from Asia; the Asian crowdfunding volumes grew by 320%, to $3.4 billion raised from various projects. This puts Asia ahead of Europe with $3.26 billion as the second-largest region by crowdfunding volume. North America took the lead position in the world in terms of crowdfunding volumes, growing by 145% and raising a total of $9.46 billion in 2014. Business and entrepreneurship were the most popular crowdfunding category, collecting $6.7 billion in 2014.
Closing in on the equity crowdfunding sector, venture capital averaged to roughly $30 billion per year; and in 2014 accounted for roughly $45 billion in investments, whereas angel capital averages roughly $20 billion per year invested. Equity crowdfunding was opened to the public in the U.S on September 2013, under the JOBS Act. But, it was restricted to ‘accredited investors only’; even then there was a $1 billion investment made online through equity crowdfunding while 2015 is estimated to have over $2.5 billion in total crowdfunded equity investments.