RainTrust in association with the FutureForest.org has undertaken the ambitious goal of planting trees in the Kubuqi desert China located 500 km from Beijing in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.  The desert extends 400 km from west to east and 50 km north to south with an area of 18,600 square kilometers. The Kubuqi desert is the seventh-largest desert in China and the one closest to Beijing making it most responsbilie for much of the dust storm pollution in Bejing.

Future Forest started the Billion Trees in Desert project in 2006 and to date, they have already planted 9 million trees. RainTrust supports them in tree planting efforts to reach there goals. 


3,000 years ago during the Shang Dynasty, the Kubuqi desert was a dense forest. Due to expanding sands, all people were forced to leave so it was left with no people or infrastrucre. Today life is coming back as the trees plabted nurish life and help stop the dfrifting sand causing wind storms. 

FutureForest is approved and works with the Inner Mongolian local government.