Pipeline Projects Globally

Projects set to launch in 2018


Nepal In Nepal, we are developing plans for small decentralized hydroelectric and biomass power facilities for the benefit of some of the mountain community people located within the 2.4 million ha in 73 districts.

This was a government forestry concession awarded in 1992 to a Federation of local communities representing 2 million people known as the “Community Users Forest Group” (CUFG) (Dolakha District). The CUFG maintains the right to develop sustainable projects.  in 2018 we will annouce which local and international project financing partners are aboard. 

Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea we have agreed to work with a 212,000 ha sustainable reserve representing 26 villages. This is a JV with the Gavari Land Group, a local partner and, the international partner, Equivest Alliance Foundation.



Replanting Mangroves

The replanting of mangroves started as a research project in Myanmar in cooperation with the Minsitry of Environment Conservation and Forestry, and the Pathein and Myek University. It was a national plan for restoration of mangrove forests in all coastal areas of the country. The project was initially funded by the Letten Foundation in Norway and tree planting was started by WorldView Foundation in Myanmar.


Elephant Park

Developing plans for a 70,000 – 200,000 ha eco elephant park in Myanmar. Now that logging is illegal, 3,500 elephants in the country are out of work. The government is poised to award a land concession in a designated area concession. RainTrust is co assembling an international team with US based NGO, The Elephant Project to secure the land concession and develop the project.


We are developing plans for a 5,000 ha university campus near Manaus, Brazil. The project will offer accreditation focused on “Sustainability and the Green Economy”. It will be innovatively designed from sustainable bamboo tree houses and will be partly floating on the Rio Negro River. The international Board of Directors will develop the curriculum and the operating university will be selected from a short list of major international universitie

Manaus is nearly 1,000 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, is surrounded by the Amazon rainforest and located at the confluence of the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers. 

In the 19th century fortunes were made in this part of Brazil from rubber trees that grew in the Amazon. Manaus was ground-zero for those rubber barons, and the city became known as the “Paris of the Tropics.” Remnants of that era remain today, with the city’s opulent Opera House its most famous symbol.



Rubber Plantation

To secure under a cooperation agreement 250,000 HA of rubber plantation in the Mon State region of Myanmar. We plan to access private financing to develop a condom factory with the Rubber Planters and Producers Association in Myanmar. 


RainTrust is assisting in the development of a large scale organic herb garden on the island of Mindanao, Philippine.  We support certain indigenous tribal groups on the conversion of there lands to planting 100% organic.

We beleive that the development of organic herb gardens is not only essential to the health of the Philippine people and but will be a major econmic driver for the region.

RainTrust assists in the establishng the value chain by providing the money to plant, the technical know how and we secure the buyers of any and all medicinal and or culinary produce. 


Creating peace through livelihoods on degraded lands

Assisting in planting 9,000 ha of fruit trees in NorthEast Nigeria on government owned degraded lands. The lands are located in the Town of Jimeta, Adamawa State, Town of Maidugur, State of Borno and, the Town of Potiskum, State of Yobe.
This area is internationally known for the kidnapping tragedy perpetrated by Boko Haram of the 200 Chibok township girls. By planting trees using 10,000 local women over the next 10 years, the local foundation Centre for Renewable Energy and Action on Climate Change located is in the town of Gusau, state of Zamfara believes it can create peace through economic security in the entire region. RainTrust intends to raise money to assist in planting trees.

India, Meghalaya

RainTrust is assisting Worldview Impact to restore cloud forests in Meghalaya, north east India, while creating sustainable businesses, increase local organic food production and develop agri eco tourism. An eco village is planned to be built sustainably and with traditional techniques that the project adopts and transfers at the same time in vocational education projects to empower rural young people in the community.

The eco village is set to be the model for a series of eco resorts in the north east region of India. The knowledge and skills obtained in building the first will be transferred to neighboring villages, creating a multiplier effect for the entire state of Meghalaya and creating a multiplier effect for the whole north east region of India.

We will be assisting smallholder farming groups in Meghalaya, Kingdom of Khyrim, Northern India on 300 ha.