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Our Vision

RainTrust herein pledges our commitment to the planet and its forests, water, animals, birds and all living things with an undertaking to pursue programs consistent with attaining long term harmony with nature. Our pledge is embodied within our social values and philosophies and the permeates of all of our activities.

We are large scale thinkers and doers. We are optimistic that it is possible that we can positively impact the environment. We understand and are respectful of the importance of empowering the local communities as they are the stewards of the land. We are determined and armed with a rational plan that has been accepted across the spectrum of most environmental organizations that also embrace our Triple Bottom Line; People, Planet, Profit. We support existing local community businesses and or develop from the beginning unique commercial ventures. We understand the power of the global marketplace and our role in developing the complete value chain.

We offer a practical roadmap. We are clear that all local stakeholders must work with discipline to earn their way out of poverty and we assist them by providing seasoned scientists, sustainability experts, scholars, creative artists as well as leadership professionals savvy in the culture and international business. We have aligned ourselves with certain conscious capital fund managers and socially responsible businesses from around the world and we believe in creating innovation in the capital markets to monetize the natural earth assets. We create a positive flow for the people we work with,change peoples behavior and have made the rational decision to harness the awesome power of the economic marketplace for the benefit of preserving the fragile ecosystems.


The Problems We Face

Over the past 10 years we have personally seen the destruction of some of the planet’s natural ecosystems as time is compounding faster and faster. Our ecosystem of plants, animals and other living organisms that share the benefits of air, food, water and soil have been systematically compromised for the ability of the planet to sustain life. Forests, fisheries, oceans, rangeland, freshwater systems (lakes, wetlands, rivers) and other natural ecosystems are all threatened while many are on the verge of collapse. Water, land, and air are getting increasingly polluted, water tables are falling, soil erosion is leading to desertification, global warming is well underway, and species are dying out 1000 times faster than their natural rate of extinction.

We are losing forestland at a rate of 375 km2 each day or more than the total area of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware combined. The world has already lost 80% of its original forests so at the world’s current rates, 5-10% of tropical forest species will become extinct every decade.

We also see statistics that 75% of all the fish stocks in the world are already either: exploited, over-exploited or recovering. 27% of coral reefs have already been and 70% of Earth’s coral reefs will cease to exist within the next forty years. The world has lost half of its coastal wetlands, including mangrove swamps and salt marshes and in the next 30 years, as many as one-fifth of all species alive today will become extinct.

Our Solution

Our conviction is that we must ramp up and proactively proceed on a larger scale. The relationship between economic growth, human well-being, and the achievement of a sustainable future has a long and complex intellectual history but definitely it’s all interconnected with the environment. We believe that our vision is practical and can be implemented hundreds of times faster. By creating major partnerships we can deploy more resources and further, provide an economic win win for all stakeholders.

Our plan is to secure under agreement, 500 Million hectares or, 5 Trillion Square Meters. RainTrust today has secured Billions of square meters of land to start our marketing process and moreover, a burgeoning network of major land owners and or certification bodies that already represent very large forest lands under agreement. Our plan is to assist local farmers, small holders, communities, tribal groups and local indigenous clans that are currently occupying these vast and important lands with a tangible means to significantly participate on an equal footing in the entire human eco system.

Our History

“The Journey is the Reward”

– David Plattner –

Since 2004 visionary entrepreneur, musician and social activist,”Rainmaker”, David Plattner, has served as a Chief Visionary. Originally from New York City, he found a new home in Manaus Brazil where he explored the eco system problems and started developing solutions. Over the next several years he went on to secure into conservation agreement, large lands in the Brazilian tropical forests and produced the first “EcoNomic” conference on sustainability in the Amazon rainforest. “The challenge for me was to abandon all ideas of putting the rainforest under a glass cover, but rather to create a responsible business-oriented model capable of convincing local stakeholders that an alternative to destructive land uses is desirable and economically possible. Simultaneously, I needed to engage world interest, attract investment and promote development. Over the years we have been able to attract an impressive array of sustainability experts globally with our economic win-win-win model.”

Today, David proudly states that the original mission and strategic Eco-Nomic pioneering quest of the past many years has finally caught the world’s attention and some of the standards that were developed over the years have been adopted and now embraced. Over the last 14 years David has traveled the world countless times assembling the right programs, agendas and experts in a variety of related fields and disciplines.

The development of the RainTrust model has involved thousands of meeting hours with consultants and over one hundred global conferences. Moreover, I have facilitated or participated and experienced a range of extraordinary personal breakthoughs generated from grass roots community workshops as well as from senario planning designed by some of the worlds great futurists.

As our work is the culmination of tireless efforts of many so today we are prelaunching.

In 2018 we will announce our new global alliances and our moetization programs. We view our partners including major corporations, environmental groups, NGO’s and individuals as our greatest strenght as all will participate in the power of our People Planet Profit, Triple Bottom Line agenda.

500+ years of experience

Our team collectively has over a 500 years of experience with a profound breath and range. We are amply qualified to serve as a value added developer and promoter of our “Eco-Nomic” cause. We understand multiple industry sectors and maintain the highest and most significant level of relationships that are required to facilitate protect investment. We are positioned in 2018 to launch our new, high tech proprietary web platform application that will provide a deep presence into global marketing penetration for the benefit of raising ongoing sustainable project financing. Furthermore, we package projects and facilitate project investment via traditional and non-traditional models that will coincide with our efforts. In short, we are covering many bases to achieve our goals.
We work with professional academics and scientific advisors and high tech geo spatial and drone technology that details and evaluates the needs of the community and the environmental impact down to square feet of our land reserves.