“Where economy & ecology converge”


“RainTrust continues in its pioneering efforts that integrate new innovations into our environmentally challenged initiatives”

“We assist tribal and indigeneous people as well as comunities and small land owners wherewithall to become sustainable”

Zoom down on an area,

Personalize a land parcel,

Share with friends,

and support ecology & local people.

RainTrust Sustainable Ventures

Secure Land & Replant

We secure into conservation, large tropical and biodiverse threatened lands. We assist in replanting large scale forests and mangrove areas and provide sustainability programs for indigenous and community people.


We deploy our team of seasoned scientists, sustainability experts and business professionals to develop Triple Bottom Line, People, Planet, Profit sustainable businesses that benefit all stakeholders. We implement via joint venture partnerships with governments, NGO’s, corporations, landowners, community, tribal organizations and universities.


We have our own proprietary tools and leading edge technologies, that uniquely overcome local challenges with fresh solutions and at the same time, inspire all global citizens to participate and be a part of the solution we provide

What we do, Monetization

RainTrust has a wide range of ways for monetization to support our ecological mission.


Reserves & Online Social Sharing


Issuing Crypto Currencies


Investment Facilitation & Project Packaging


Global Events


Marketing & Selling Sustainable Products

Creating markets for sustainable forest products produced by local communities.

RainTrust… Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

Our Tools & Technology

RainTrust uses the latest tools and develops the technology of the future

RainConnect Social Sharing Zoom-in

Our online platform allows users to zoom-in on lands they support, can personalize and share with their friends on our unprecedented “Raintrust Connect.” Launching in 2018 our platform intregrates our proprietary geo-spatial application for a interactive zoom-in to our land reserves.

RainTrust AirSpace, “Another Large Scale First”

“RainTrust AirSpace,” utilizes the latest and greatest technology and intregrates with a propriatary geo-spactial application, a real time zoom-in to our land reserves. This distinctive application using NASA informed technology provides the most comprehensive information and data and features our customized RainTrust “Living Grid”. We utilize our “RainCopter” drone systems for mapping and for distributing (spraying) organic fertilizer.

RainTrust Blockchain

in 2018 RainTrust will launch a new and innivative blockchain and smart contract project to bring this technology to the environmental realm. The blockchain will revolutionize financing, validation, monitoring and regulation in sustainability and as a pioneer RainTrust wants to set the standards in this field. The RainTrust blockchain will autonomously guarantee transparency in the smart contract code. Our pioneering smart contracts will ensure funds will go to the Eco System Projects at the right time and guarantee execution.

RainToken, ‘the currency of the future for the future’.

When launched, RainTrust will offer a tradable crypto token, which is the digital package of the Eco System services as they are gathered on the RainTrust Blockchain. This innovative token will have a value and is tradable providing profits to all stakeholders and will commence via our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that will provide critcal funds for our large scale “Eco Nomic” initiatives. 
We believe this will be ‘the currency of the future for the future’.

What we do, 2018 Pipeline Projects

RainTrust is currently developing several projects together with local partners globally.

Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea we have agreed to work with a 212,000 ha sustainable reserve representing 26 villages.


In Nepal, we are developing plans for small decentralized hydroelectric and biomass power facilities for the benefit of mountain communities located within the 2.4 million ha in 73 districts.


To secure under a cooperation agreement 250,000 HA of rubber plantation in the Mon State region of Myanmar.


Developing plans for a 70,000 – 200,000 hectares of an Eco Elephant park. We intend to assist in the care for 3,500 elephants that need help since they lost their use in the logging industry. This is the the first large scale free-roaming park.


Developing a 5,000 ha university campus near Manaus, Brazil. The project will offer accreditation focused on “Sustainability and the Green Economy”. The international Board of Directors will develop the curriculum in tandem with a major University.


RainTrust is co-developing a large scale 100% organic herb garden in Mindanao, to preserve essential herb species.


Assisting in planting 9,000 hectares of fruit trees in NorthEast Nigeria on degraded lands intended to create regional peace through livelihood in an area internationally known for the kidnapping and of 200+ girls by Boko Haram.

Meghalaya, India

Assisting smallholder farming groups in Meghalaya, Northern India on 300+ hectares.